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      Schefflera 1, Cyanotype after washing, H. Lisa Solon
     Schefflera 1
     cyanotype on paper, after wash

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Water Garden

For years I have been collaborating wth the warm tropical sun and borrowing the deepest blue from the sea to make my plant portraits.  Now I am allowing the rain to influence my work as well.  I am creating my new collection of cyanotypes by spraying them before exposure with water and other fluids.  The texture this introduces to my work is pure magic.

For a step-by-step explanation of this process please visit the Photographer's Formulary Blog

Schefflera 1, Cyanotype prewash by H. Lisa Solon       Schefflera 1, Cyanotype dry by H. Lisa Solon

Schefflera 1, cyanotype on paper
left: pre-wash  right: dry